CAD designs are the layout of the manufacturing process and are helpful in every industry. Any design for embedded software development makes the engineers think and develop electrical products. Do you know CAD plays a role in electrical engineering? In this article, let us discuss their processes.


Computer-aided designing is called CAD. It is the software used to design products on computers. Any products which are used in everyday life cross the design phase before manufacturing, from the bristle of the brush to the steering of a car, so every industry is taking advantage of this software.

CAD In Electrical Engineering

CAD in Electrical engineering is termed ECAD (Electrical Computer Aided Design). The ECAD plays a primary role in electrical engineering. Before sending an electronic device to the production line, the designing process is a significant one, and there ECAD plays its action. It is considered the most important tool in the designing phase.

ECAD acts as the blueprint for the electronic devices of microprocessors and printed circuit boards(PCB). The printed circuit boards involve the designing of lots of components, and these components connect through an electrical passage to make the device run. The design helps in connecting these components and generating the pathways. You can understand more about the design of PCB by contacting PCB layout services.

With creating pathways to PCBs, ECAD plays a significant role in designing logic gates for the circuits. The tools in the software help in the simulation process so you can run the electrical circuits in the design stage itself. The different combinations in the logic gates, such as OR gate, AND gate, XOR gate and other universal logic gates, will be designed and simulated in the designing stage. This simulation process is a major help for electrical engineers because they can run all the tests through this simulation process. After the simulation, the entire procedure will move to the production line for the production. This designing process reduces the testing time and mostly avoids errors.

Apart from the 2D designs, ECAD also makes 3D designs. This software will take care of the complex structures of electronic devices. The electrical engineers will arrange the tools according to the design, and any overlapping will be corrected before moving into the manufacturing process.

CAD helps in making the job easier for engineers. Learn more about computer-aided designs from the CAD drafting services for making your designs.